July 27, 2011

Marché Meet Up!

f21 stripped tee
bonvieux creme trench coat
brian atwood nude patent pumps
mioselle knitted orange & brown skirt
vintage black leather patent messenger bag

I'm back in town! Have spent these one and a half week away for a little holiday treat, and this is my first report. The meet up with two awesome blogger - Ario Achda of My Brain Malfunction and Cindy Karmoko of Hippie Gone Mad. They kindly waited and met me at Marche stop, preserving a sweet amount of time for us to talk. Here are the photo-story :

(Marche side-view from the outside)

(That Ario Achda and Cindy Karmoko I mentioned and some of you have familiar with, in their very fierce pose and gaze. Must say, one great combo.)

(Several time passing by and first time lunch at Marché. Never knew they have the fanciest market-set details inside and effortlessly-neat design. Got to love the place.)

(No one to take picture and no tripod for helps... Some self-timer attemps.)

(Up-above : finally - getting a 'professional' help from the Marché staff. Means three of us in the photos. And more photos.)

(Height transform : me at the lowest level with my heels, Ario with some inches from his hat, but Cindy beats us all. Fixed.)

(........................................................ blur.)

(My friends came around and took some candid :D)

(The pretty CK!)

(Ario and me)

So Cindy left first for church and I stay for awhile with Ario and two friends of mine. We take pictures, talk, teasing, and basicly having quite a good time of knowing a blogger in real life - which could be somewhat surprising... I'm afraid that's what they said after seeing me in person to be not that fine-lady-like. Muahahaha *evil laugh* :)

(Yes I bring my suitcase to Marché... Not to look stupid but that was due to my direct midnight flight after the meet-up. And that's another shoes from the little things she needs after I hurt my feets for wearing heels while carrying the heavy bag.)

(Loving Ario's outfit on the day - he said that he mostly dressed-down on weekend, but this can't be one. The touch of polkadot shirt for shorts is genius.)

(Kind Ario to take pictures of me and friends in return - Ajeng & Nadda.)

I planned to meet-up with more bloggers the following days after but keep failing to match my schedule with them, which is sad, but since I'd return again soon that means another chance to meet-up with more bloggers are on its way! It was great to know Ario and Cindy for real, especially for the warm-greets and comfortable chats (thank you, guys!). I'm expecting another meet-up soon... and you might, if you like, expect a trip-report post in a jiffy too. Meanwhile you might want to read my interview with Smashion here (FYI, Smashion.Com is a new and quickly-growing fashion sites that provide almost everything about your fashion needs... Make sure to stop over them and be a member!). Take care loves!


  1. That knitted skirt is beautiful! Such a fun meet-up!

    ♥, Jamie

  2. This looks like fun! That shop looks so gorgeous from your photos.

  3. beautiful shots there, Clara! <3
    seems like you had a great time there! love the trench coat darlingg! <3

  4. Must admit that beside good in mix-matching clothes, you're great in finding cool spots in town! :D

    xoxo, LBQ

  5. Love the glasses, such a cute otufit as well! Looked like you had such a great time! Love from australia,

  6. you look pretty! i love your skirt :3


  7. awww nice to meet you claire! mesti ktemu lagi yah seru2an ama ario n yg lainnyaaa.i miss you already!>.< btw aku comot2 fotonya ya


  8. I love your style as always! Actually I love your creme trench coat? When it will be available at your shop? I want it!

  9. so fun, you must fully inspire eachother

  10. woahhhh i want to meet u as the person, hopefully we can meet in another time when u visit Jakarta again :)

  11. <3 your pumps and always <3 your style! :)


  12. surely it looks like a real fun meetup!
    wish i could join :( but need to go back earlier that time :(
    please inform if you are visiting jkt/sg next time la!
    hope you're doing great

    warm hugs
    style frontier

  13. I love your blog, and your hairr. omyyy it's so beautiful!

  14. You're already going back to Jogja?
    I just went to Jogja this afternoon to buy some stuff my sister asked me when i'm in my grandmom's home at Wonogiri. XD

    Ah, i wish i can meet you someday..:D

  15. Love your pumps.

    en la moda


  16. kak, i'm wondering what's the style of your atwoods are... i love the color and the platform's shape is perfect. thanks in advance hehehe..

  17. hai nona manis, saya ga mau basa basi. saya datang untuk mencuri foto2nya! hahahahaha. mana oleh-oleeehhh!!!! kl g ada aku mau kacamata bonvuex aja deh yg bulat :)

    hugs hugs hugs!

  18. Dear, that is such a cute outfit, and you're sooo beautiful! Following you now :)


  19. hey miss! such a good time you had there, I'm a fan of three of you, feel a lil bit jealous because you guys can meet each other :p


  20. Wahhhh wahhh...love to c those photo although it shaking or what?haha..nvr mind lor coz i still cn feel the fun of d meeting..hope to c u for real clara, pm me if u come to Kuala Lumpur lor~ ^^ hehe...hv a nice day!


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